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Frozen Peas

The place was known as Trunk Bay in US Virgin Islands. Beautiful little cove, saltwater clear and warm as bath water. I was snorkeling.

I made the mistake of pulling out a large, plump bag full of frozen peas while in the water...this resulted in immediate attack by a pack of ravenous yellow tail jacks.

The attack occurred in a mere 5 feet of water and I damn near drowned from fear and absolute confusion.

The lifeguard warned me about the feeding frenzies of those goddamn fish...But I paid no heed.

Ended up having chunks of flesh missing from my body, an empty frozen pea bag (still clenched tightly in my fist) and a laughing stock of witnesses on the beach to deal with after that.

Imagine the visual of a pale white gringo trudging up the beach after the incident, wide eyed, scuba mask completely askew and bleeding.

...what a goon.

I love eating Yellow Tail at Sushi grazes.